The Philadelphia Baptist Church of Decatur, Alabama, Pastor Wm. Doyal Thomas, and all members are thankful to God, and most pleased to announce to everyone that our long awaited building project is underway. A contract has been signed and construction is under way. We anticipate, with God's blessing, to be in the new sanctuary by late spring or early summer, 2005.
    We ask all to pray with us that we be faithful to His work, and that we look to Him for every needed provision. Pray for us, and if any are led to join us in this undertaking, your help will be greatly appreciated.. We thank you in advance, and we will forever be grateful for your prayers and support. (Elder Wm. Doyal Thomas - 02/09/2005)

    Please check back at this page. We will be posting updates and pictures as the building project progresses.

View Of Building Site From The Street (03-13-05)

The Building On The Ground (03-13-05)

The Building On The Ground (03-13-05)

The Plumbing Roughed In And Pad Forms (03-13-05)

The Plumbing Roughed In And Pad Forms Ready For Concrete (03-20-05)

Pad Ready For Building To Be Erected (03-27-05)

Red Iron - Side View (04-10-05)

Red Iron - Front View (04-10-05)

East Sidewall (05-01-05)

East Sidewall (05-01-05)

Right Front Road Front View (05-01-05)

Left Front Road Front View (05-01-05)

Left Rear View (05-01-05)

Right Rear View (05-01-05)

Front To Rear View (05-01-05)

Rear To Front View (05-01-05)

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